Wednesday, January 25, 2012

DIY Erasable Message Board on Candlestick

The other day I saw a really cute idea on Pinterest (I am so crazy about that place, totally recommend it!) that I wanted for sure to try. It was putting a frame with a photograph on a spray-painted candlestick.

I decided to take a bit further and make it into a message board to put on my window sill which is perfect to write little messages to my loving husband (he typically does the dishes around here) and it's a little way I can show him how much I appreciate him.

OK so here we go!
For this project you will need a candlestick (mine is from the thrift store), hot glue, a small wooden frame (mine also from the thrift store and was only 50 cents!), craft paint, a small brush, and a print out to put inside your frame (I am sharing the one I made for you to be able to print yourself at home! Enjoy!).

First, I painted my frame. I didn't prime it because I didn't want to completely cover the frame with paint cause I wanted it to look old and shabby. :) I did two coats of paints leaving some parts (that look like scratches) uncovered, the reason why to use a brush instead of a spray paint.

After that I painted a wood ball knob (available at hardware and craft stores). I did mine a shade lighter than the frame because my candlestick is white and I want it gradually transition in color.

I painted the top half first and when that was dry, I turned it upside down and painted the other half. I did two coats.

I then made a graphic for the inside of the frame that will become my message board. This graphic is available here for download.

I inserted the paper in my frame, hot glued flat side of the wood ball onto the bottom of my frame.

Then I put hot glue in the inside the hole of the candlestick and placed the wood ball (already with the frame) onto there.

And voila! I just write the message on the glass with a permanent marker and erase it with a wet rag or tissue. Gorgeous, inexpensive, super easy, decorative, and relationship enhancer! Have fun!


  1. Very cute! I'm loving the color!

  2. I saw it the other day and loved it!

  3. You are one amazing woman with so much talent. Great job!