Friday, January 27, 2012

DIY Inexpensive Candle Holders Out of Cans


The other day while I was doing dishes and cleaning up my counters I  noticed some empty cans that were destined for the recycle bin. All of a sudden, light bulb! I wondered what I could do with those cans that would be creative and inexpensive.

WARNING: Please handle cans very carefully to not cause any cuts on your skin.

I decided to make candle holders using some glass candle holders I had gotten at the thrift store (.50 cents each) but they are also available at the $1 store. Cans are free after you use its contents. :)

For this project you will need:
-hot glue gun
-spray paint
-2 candlesticks
-1 clean empty large can (like those of refried beans)
-1 clean empty small can (like those of small tomato sauce or jalapeno peppers)
-2 candles
-2 coasters (I got these from the thrift store as well, they were .25 cents each)

When you remove the paper from the cans, some of the adhesive/glue remains on the can.  This can easily be removed using GooGone.

The way that you will stack these is as follows from bottom up:

candle (top)
candle holder
canned meat can (bottom)

First I put hot glue on the top part of the candle stick, hold upside down and place it right in the center of the can.

Turn down side up and this is what they should look like:

Prime and then spray paint:

Add some ribbon around them and place the coasters and candles on top (hot glue to attach)

But then I didn't really love the finished product so I decided to take the bottom cans off and scrape the hot glue off. I also added some fabric around the cans to make it less obvious that they were cans and here's the finished product! I hope you like it! I know I do (and a special thanks to my dear sister-in-law Shelly for her constructive criticism!)

Leave me your feedback please! Thanks for looking! <3


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  2. Great idea. This looks easy enough and its just what my mantle needs to cheer it up. Great tutorial.