Monday, January 23, 2012

DIY Lamp Makeover

Hello everyone! I've got a new little DIY project I took on not too long ago and love how it turned out. About a month ago I went to the thrift store and found these beauties:

And I also ordered these self-adhesive lamp shades from along with some gorgeous reversible ribbon in turquoise and brown:

And here's what I did with the lamps first before working on the lamp shades:

1. I wanted the wood parts to be turquoise because the white parts are white milk glass and I wanted to keep them that way (plus it already matches my decor!) so I taped off the glass parts and left uncovered the parts that I wanted to paint.

2. Then I primed the parts I wanted to paint.

3. I spray painted silver the parts that I wanted silver making sure that everything else was taped off securely cause metallic paint can be really messy.

4. I then took off the tape from the wood parts so that I could hand paint those parts.

5. I then applied a coat of clear gloss lacquer to keep the paint glossy (except that I didn't like how dull it made the metallic paint look but I left it as is cause it wasn't that bad).

And here's the finished work on the lamp post itself:

Now let's work on the shades. Well unfortunately my little girl broke one of the lamps by accident so I am only going to show you what one of the lamps looks like when it is finished. 

For materials I had the self-adhesive shades (very inexpensive), hot glue gun, and long strips of fabric (mine were from an old and torn linen table cloth)

1. Because the shade is already pre-glued, the fabric adheres to it already so all I did was wrap the strips of fabric around lamp shade.


2. I then wrapped some twine in a drum diamond pattern around it to give it more texture and dimension.

3. Next, with some left over fabric strips, I made a fabric flower. I did this by twisting the fabric strip and  then hot glueing it together in a spiral shape.

4. Finally, I added some turquoise ribbon to match my lamp base (only hot glued the ends of the ribbon in place over the fabric), made a bow out of the ribbon which I then hot glued right on the spot were the ends of the ribbon were and then I hot glued the fabric flower in the center, and voila!

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial! Follow me for some more awesome upcoming and gorgeous decor crafts I will be posting soon! Happy decorating!


  1. I loveee this Yari! These colors are so pretty together!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! <3

  3. I love your lamp!...That shade just makes it perfect. I'm following you now, so stop by and follow too, so we can keep in touch...Love all my LDS friends, Lori