Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kitchen Cabinets Poll - Please Vote on the right ---->

Aahhhh, the power of Photoshop... I can see the possibilities with my kitchen cupboards right before my eyes. Here's what my kitchen cabinets look like (they're actually a bit darker than the picture but still orange-ish... I can't believe I chose that...pointing finger in my mouth):

Here are the options that I chose in Photoshop: 
Here are some more altered images I did playing in Photoshop:



Medium/Dark Brown:

Will you please take a moment and decide which color/stain I should choose? It would help me out tons. Thanks so much!! :)


  1. For me, it will really depend if you leave your walls the color they are. I love white cabinets, but think they look best with bolder walls. Otherwise, one of the middle two browns are what I would choose.

  2. Well, I know white is all the rage right now, but I like the dark brown the best. Especially if you are keeping your walls the color they are. I really like the contrast.

  3. I love the dark brown! But the color on the walls needs to really pop to help not make your room look so dark. The white gives you more options for color, though!

  4. Love the Espresso! It is GORGEOUS!! I want to stain my cupboards and love the idea of taking pics and photoshopping them to see if I will like them! Great idea!

  5. The last picture that was posted here is my favorite design of my kitchen cabinet. How much will I spent on that kind of wood? because I want to create it for my own.

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